“I’m afraid to seem like a loser at a meeting of graduates”

A meeting of university graduates will soon be planned soon. I really want, but I’m afraid to go there. Many of us are subscribed to each other’s pages on social networks. We know what’s happening. Most of my classmates are successful people. I have nothing to brag about. I am a teacher and a mother -in -law. This is all my resume. I’m afraid to seem a failure. Besides, when I am worried, I can be extremely tactless. I don’t know what to talk about, I’m afraid to seem stupid. Therefore, I keep silent. They didn’t really communicate with me at the university, many were sorry for me. I don’t want the situation to be repeated. Maybe there are some exercises or methods that help overcome shyness and shame.

Hello Anna! Who said to be a large mother and teacher is not a success? Many can argue with this. And then what is success for you? Do not confuse windows of social networks with real life. Beautiful photos often mislead, create the illusion that the authors of the page are perfect. However, as you know, nothing perfect happens, and few will share their failures and pain in open space.

Returning to your shyness, I will pay attention to one moment. If you just want to overcome shame with the help of exercises without going into the causes of its appearance, then most likely it will only be a temporary effect. There are many methods of working with emotions and with the body. Basically, these are figurative techniques that allow you to remove an acute state.

One of the


simplest options: when you start worried, imagine where this feeling is in your body. Concentrate in this place, take a deep breath and long strong exhalation. Imagine that with an exhalation there is tension and those negative emotions that bothered. Perhaps the first time it will not work, then repeat the exercise.

I emphasize once again that this is only an ambulance that can help situationally. If you have a desire to more thoroughly approach this issue, then a psychologist can help in this.

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