How To Taper Off Alcohol Safety Tips & Strategies

When the alcohol is completely taken away then this adrenaline and its cousins are left to run rampant in the brain. This leads to raised blood pressure, raised pulse rate, rapid breathing, fever, hallucinations, seizures and D.T.s. Alcohol proof is the amount of alcohol found in distilled spirits or liquor. Smaller drinks with a higher percentage of alcohol are stronger than the same size drink containing a lower-proof liquor. Find an accountability partner or someone you can call to keep you on track when you want to drink.

How to Stay Free of Alcohol or Drugs

  • Daily drinking can have serious consequences for a person’s health, both in the short- and long-term.
  • Switching to beer from hard liquor is safer because it is easier to control the amount of beer that is consumed and is harder to binge drink.
  • But that advice changes if you’re living with alcohol use disorder.
  • You should include strategies to both reduce drinking and prevent relapse.
  • But quitting on your own can pose risks to your health and is unlikely to be successful.

BGB, as her clients and colleagues call her, is an advocate of “removing the stigma” and normalizing the therapeutic process. She incorporates cultural relevance and non-traditional interventions and strategies to strengthen her clients’ steps towards goals of behavioral, emotional, social and mental wellness. This is why it’s always best to find some form of long-term support in sobriety. Support groups, from Alcoholics Anonymous to SMART Recovery, are one free way to find a community of people on the same journey. There are also a number of anti-craving medications to help you avoid drinking again, or even help with your tapering process.

  • It includes patient education on withdrawal, monitoring for severe withdrawal symptoms, and creating a low-stimulation environment.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous and many rehab programs often present abstinence as the only option.
  • So, if you normally have 6 beers a day, you could be done tapering within one week.

Chemsex: Staying Safe and Getting Back in Control

how to wean off of alcohol

If you’re struggling to stick to a taper or do not trust yourself to moderate your alcohol use, having strict supervision and support can help you meet your recovery goals. If you’re living with alcohol use disorder, quitting drinking is important for your health. But quitting on your own can pose risks to your health and is unlikely to be successful. Rehabilitation facilities can help you on your path to sobriety by addressing alcohol withdrawal symptoms and becoming involved in sober living support groups, like AA.

What does drinking alcohol do to your body?

  • Emotionally, you may feel some anxiety or sadness about ending a chapter of your life and nervousness about the future.
  • Replacing alcoholic beverages with non-alcohol drinks is a great method of helping during a taper.
  • Alcohol addiction can be difficult and sometimes dangerous to handle on your own.
  • There are many resources available to help, including peer support groups, counseling, therapy, and inpatient rehabilitation.

Find a supportive friend or family member to be with you while you withdraw and support your new non-drinking lifestyle. Always remember that if the taper is not working for you or if you are having major withdrawal that it is safest to check into a medical detox because alcohol withdrawal can kill you. On the second day drink one beer every hour and a half for a total of ten beers.

how to wean off of alcohol

Tapering at Our Medical Detox Facility in Washington

Pros and Cons of Tapering Off Alcohol Intake

  • This could include altering the rate of tapering or providing additional support or medical intervention if withdrawal symptoms become severe.
  • If they haven’t decided on their own that they want to make a change, it’s best not to try to force their hand.
  • One of the best tools at your disposal may turn out to be your smartphone.
  • You may be able to cut back on your drinking ahead of time, which will lessen the effects of withdrawal.
  • Cold turkey is a common slang term for quitting alcohol (or any substance) all at once.

You Experience Withdrawals When You Stop Drinking

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